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2020-2021 Virtual Plans & September Field Trip:  Self-directed Birding with a Virtual Leader

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Peace River Audubon Society Season – “VIRTUALLY”!

As with many other organizations the Peace River Audubon Society has had to adapt for the upcoming season. Until we get back to meetings and field trips in person, we are excited about the program opportunities we have planned…virtually.

We have an excellent slate of programs beginning in September. Joining will be a couple of clicks away — more information coming soon..

And, we have a great format for exploring some of our best regional and local natural areas as a family at your own pace.

September Field Trip:  Self-directed Birding with a Virtual Leader

Peace River Audubon Society will kick off its field trip season in September with a unique adventure spearheaded by members Ron and Char Robinson. Ron invites you to sign up for a self-directed birding trip to Bayshore Live Oak Park and to go birding there from September 21 – 28. Upon completion of your trip Ron asks you to provide him with a short report of what you’ve seen and perhaps include a few photos to be shared with the club.

To participate, please email Ron at to receive information about bird-sightings etc. and directions to Bayshore Live Oak Park and then choose your own daytrip day during the last week of September.

It should be great fun to compare the experiences of all the birders.

A “virtual” leader for the self-directed birding trip in October is needed along with leaders for the other months during COVID-19 impacted 2020. For additional information and if you are willing to select a location and scope it out please contact Rob Mills at .

Stay Well and Happy Birding

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