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2022 PRAS Birdathon – March 19

The 2022 PRAS Birdathon is right around the corner (March 19)!  This is one of PRAS’s biggest annual fundraisers so we need lots of participants.

What is a birdathon you ask? The general idea is similar to a walkathon but instead of earning money for miles walked, you earn for the number of bird species you can identify within 24 hours. There are 3 ways to participate:

  1. Traditional birdathon

  2. Photography birdathon

  3. Single location (Feeder, yard, park)

You may simultaneously participate in the traditional and photography or single location and photography


March 19, 2022 (12:00 am to 11:59 pm) find as many species as you can by sight or sound. Most birds are out in the day, but there are a few night, dawn, and dusk species you may want to try to find.

Category Rules

All identifications and “identifiable” photos are on your honor. We assume you will be honest and not inflate your numbers. While there is a bit of competition in this event, it should mostly be fun. Many people enjoy competing against themselves by comparing their totals from year to year.

Traditional Birdathon

Scour Charlotte County high and low to find as many species as you can. Teams may have up to four (4) people. At least 2 team members must see or hear each bird and the group may not separate.

Photography Birdathon

How many species can you photograph in Charlotte County on March 19? This is a solo competition not teams. But you can participate while also doing the traditional or single location birdathon. Photos don’t have to be good, just identifiable by the judges. There will however be 3 winners: (i) most species; (ii) top 2 photos of the day. For the later, each photographer may submit 2 photos in JPG format and they should not be enhanced. Cropping and lighting adjustments are ok but keep the enhancements minimal.

Single Location (Feeder, yard, park)

How many species can you see or hear on March 19 in one location?  If you don’t feel like running all over the county and want to count birds in your yard or favorite park, this is your chance!  This is a solo competition not teams.

General Information

How do I enter? 

Send an email with your team name and members to Cathy at and designate which type(s) of birdathon you will be doing.

How do you solicit donations?

Before the big day, find sponsors. This is not just a really fun day but is also a fundraiser for PRAS. Participation is free, but since this is a PRAS fundraiser we would appreciate it if you would solicit donations. Sponsors may donate a set amount (e.g. $25 or $100) or an amount per species identified (e.g. 50 cents or $1), which really is the essence of the challenge. Of course, the number of birds you will see greatly depends on which category and which location. In the traditional birdathon category, beginners typically see about 30 species, intermediate 75, and advanced 90-120. Photography and backyard birds will of course see a lot fewer.

For what will your donations be used?

Each team may choose which PRAS activity they would like to support (more than 1 is ok).  Examples include:  PRAS college scholarship fund, youth environmental education fund, PRAS’s annual contribution to CHEC (Charlotte Harbor Education Center; PRAS is one of the 4 original founding organizations of CHEC), beautification and maintenance of Audubon Pennington Park, PRAS general fund, etc.

What do I do at the end of the day?

Email Cathy the list of birds you saw or photographed and the amount of funding you raised (if it is known). If you participated in the photo birdathon, also email your 2 photos (see rules above).

For participants in the non-photo categories, photos of your day would be appreciated to include on the PRAS website.

And the winners?

Winners in each category will be selected based on (A) number of species seen and (B) funding raised. Winners and top photos will be announced on the PRAS website. There are no prizes, just the satisfaction that you are helping PRAS raise funds and having a lot of fun in the process.

Want to participate in the fundraising but not compete?

Send Cathy an email and she will tell you the teams who are competing. You can select a team and decide how much you would like to contribute.


Cathy Olsen Birdathon Coordinator

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