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Kayaking Trip Report – Myrtle Slough

On Saturday, May 21st six intrepid kayakers met at Hathaway Park to test their paddling skills up Myrtle Creek to its headwaters, a stone lake of several acres on an abandoned piece of property. We put in at Jim Story’s a few miles down the road, with good access to Myrtle Slough. The waters there are tidal, but luck was with us as we had an ebbing outgoing flow both up and back.

Steering and maneuvering skills were tested and honed as the creek becomes quite narrow and overgrown the further up you go. We had a light cloudy overcast day to begin which was nice, and fortunately  had no capsizing events to spice up the day. As the lake is tidal, we saw mullet jumping, gar in the shallows, and tilapia bedding as well. It was a nice bit of exercise for those upper body muscles, and an opportunity for some fellowship as well. Paddling always seems to engender lively conversation. We lunched back at Hathaway by 11 AM, and then home for a quick nap (speaking for myself!). Mike Krzyzkowski  

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