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Kiwanis Park – Field Trip Report

PRAS self-directed birding activity continues. Each month we select a birding site for members to visit on their own during a specified time period. We then ask those members to submit an e-mail report listing the birds they saw.

Since starting this activity in September, we have visited 6 different hot spots. 32 people have participated and reported the birds they have seen thus far. We just completed our March Self Guided Birding Activity at the Kiwanis Park in Port Charlotte. It was a little quieter than what we usually experience but our birders did find a good number of bird species.

Here are the stats for the six self guided birding activities thus far. For those of you that joined in, glad you did, and we’re always open for more to attend.

Month Location Reports Participants September Bayfront 10 13 October Prairie Creek 7 12 November Ollie’s Pond 7 9 January Babcock 8 14 February Celery Fields 4 8 March Kiwanis Park 7 11

Month Location # Species Seen Average Per Report September Bayfront 39 14.8 October Prairie Creek 78 39.7 November Ollie’s Pond 36 13.0 January Babcock 67 25.1 February Celery Fields 65 42.8 March Kiwanis Park 35 15.7

Here is the listing of bird species seen in March at the Kiwanis Park by our group and the number of reports listing each bird species.

Anhinga-4 Bluejay-5 Cardinal-Northern 6 Catbird-Gray-6 Crow-American-1 Crow-Fish-4 Dove-Mourning-6 Duck-Black Bellied-1 Duck-Muscovy-5 Egret-Great-4 Flycatcher-Great Crested-3 Gnatcatcher-Blue Gray-4 Grackle-Common-1 Heron-Little Blue-7 Ibis-White-4 Kite-Swallow-tailed-1 Mockingbird-Northern-3 Osprey-3 Owl-Barred-3 Parula-Northern-4 Phoebe-Eastern-1 Sapsucker-Yellow Bellied-1 Thrasher-Brown-1 Titmouse-1 Vireo-White eyed-3 Vulture-Black-4 Vulture-Turkey-3 Warbler-Palm-2 Warbler-Pine-1 Warbler-Yellow Rumped-2 Woodpecker-Downy-3 Woodpecker-Pileated-3 Woodpecker-Red Bellied-7 Wren-Carolina-2 Yellowthroat-Common-1

Thanks to those joining in and we hope more will join in the future.

Ron and Char Robinson

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