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President’s Message

This is my last President’s message.  I look at it with mixed feelings. I have truly enjoyed being in this position and getting to work with such dedicated and fun people.  I will still be working on conservation issues and hope to have some articles on our web site and Facebook page soon on climate change and more.

I can’t say enough about our Board of Directors and Committee Chairs.  An amazing group of people who do a lot of work for the good of the Chapter.  I also want to thank Maryann Sakamoto and Don Youso, who are not staying on the Board of Directors, for their service to PRAS.

I also want to thank the general membership for your support of PRAS and for being such good sports.  I look forward to another season of meetings and hikes with you all.

We have one more meeting, which includes elections and member’s slide/video shows.  We also have  a kayak trip scheduled. What a great way to end the season.

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