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Tips for Successful Wildlife Photography

As you know, breeding season gets off to an early start in Florida—and where there are adult birds in showy breeding plumage and adorable chicks clamoring to be fed, wildlife photographers are sure to follow. While many of us enjoy glimpses into the secret lives of birds, we don’t often think about the ecological risks involved in taking wildlife photos.

Each year, Audubon biologists, wardens, and volunteers spend countless hours educating photographers who have approached nesting birds on our sanctuaries too closely— disrupting their natural behaviors and threatening the birds’ health and the safety of their chicks. Many photographers just don’t realize what the impacts can be…and unfortunately a small, harmful minority care more about killer photographs than the birds.

Audubon Florida has recently made several short outreach videos. The most recent one (the third in the series) presents some important guidelines for wildlife photographers. As more and more people enjoy the ease and immediate gratification of digital photography it is important to set boundaries to protect the birds.

Please take a moment to watch this new video from Audubon Florida:

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