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TRIP REPORT – FORT DESOTO – April 15, 2023

On April 15th, 10 of us traveled to Fort DeSoto to see if we could catch some of the migrating species in their spring migration. The passerine count was fairly low as there were no NW winds in the preceding days. Overall, we had a good day with 58 species seen or heard (blue jay and great crested flycatcher heard only). The best aspect of the trip was the waterbirds seen. Please see the list (Ft De Soto Sat, April 15). Best spots for waterbirds were on the turn around past the East Beach picnic area, and the far end of the North Beach parking lot. To get to this latter spot (if you missed the trip), go to the end of the road and turn left onto the North Beach parking lot, go to the far end of the lot and park near to the beach at its most northern end. You’ll need to cross a shallow waterway walking north sticking to the edge of the water towards all the anchored pleasure boats. There’s a shallow bar holding several hundred shorebirds of all types including all 5 plover species, godwits, gulls, terns, ruddy turnstones, red knots, dunlins, reddish, snowy, great egrets, etc. We were there at a dropping tide, so it may or may not be there. A great chance to see man y of our local and migrating shorebirds. BY TRIP LEADER MIKE KRZYKOWSKI

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