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Walkabout Report – History Park & Ponce de Leon Park in Punta Gorda

Barney B. photo

Walkabout Report by hike leader Starr Zachritz

Photo of Great Egret taken by Barney B.

On March 1, at 4 PM, 16 birders met at the History Park for a late afternoon walkabout. We enjoyed seeing 15 different species but the highlights were seeing the American Bald Eagle soaring about us the whole time and then finally the Yellow-throated Warbler put on quite a show drinking nectar from the Chinese Hat Tree. He hung upside down, hovered like a hummingbird, and hopped from flower to flower. Several people got some great photos. Nearly half of the group had never seen a Yellow-throated Warbler, so that was a real thrill.

We then headed to Ponce de Leon Park with half of the group. Birding  was quiet there but we enjoyed seeing 11 different species. We all enjoyed a very close look at a juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron right next to us on the boardwalk and also a juvenile Brown Pelican who posed for photos while sitting on a “No Fishing” sign. When we finished our walk at the closed Wildlife Center,  we saw a pair of Yellow-crowed Night Herons mating,  what a surprise!

Special Note: If you missed this walkabout, Starr plans to lead another walkabout at the History Park next February, 2017.

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