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Walkabout Report – Larry Taylor Kiwanis Park, 3-14-23

We had a great turnout for our guided walk at Kiwanis Park on Tuesday, March 14.  Dave L. brought his scope so that everyone could get a good look at the Cooper’s Hawk nest at the pond. Several species of warblers were feeding in the tree tops including the Northern Parula, Black and White, Pine, Palm, Yellow-rumped and Yellow-throated. Everyone loved seeing the Swallow-tailed Kites soaring right overhead.  We checked again at the pond for a 2nd time before we headed home and the Cooper’s Hawks had not returned to their nest, but we did have an excellent view of two Red-shouldered Hawks hopping through the trees. Those that stayed behind did see a kettle of 6 Kites fly overhead. Before we headed on our walk we had a quick discussion of the importance of using native plants in our yards to attract wildlife and on the way we pointed out those that were growing in Kiwanis…like Mulberry trees, Beauty Berry, Nightshade, and Dewberry.  Join us on our next guided walk! For a complete list of birds seen or heard here is our ebird list for the walk.

A few photos from Facebook:

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