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Babcock-Webb Field Trip Results

PRAS just completed our January Self Guided Birding Activity at Babcock Webb.  We select a birding hot spot for members to visit on their own,each month, then ask those members to submit a report listing the birds they saw.

Babcock-Webb  is a wonderful birding hot spot in southwest Florida. There are miles of well maintained dirt roads and one paved road, all very sparely visited, that pass by dry fields, wetlands, ponds, and lakes. Birds can be seen in those wetlands, on the ground, in the air, and in the trees.

Here are the stats for the four self guided birding activities thus far.  For those of you that joined in, glad you did, and we’re always open for more to attend.

#                 #                   #                Average Month      Location   Reports    Participants  Species Seen  Per Report September   Bayfront           7                9                      39                  15.1

October        Prairie Creek    8              14                     78                  40.6

November    Ollie’s Pond      8               11                     36                 13.1 January        Babcock           11              15                    67                 24.8

Here is the listing of birds seen in January  at Babcock Web  by our group and the number of reports listing each bird species.Anhinga- 9Bittern-American-  1Blackbird-Red Winged-9Bluebird-Eastern -4Bluejay-5Cardinal-Northern- 7Catbird-Gray-7Cormorant-Double Crested-8Crow-American – 2Dove-common ground-1Dove-Mourning-6Eagle-Bald 1Egret-Cattle 2Egret-Great- 11Egret-Snowy- 5Flicker-Northern-5Flycatcher-Great Crested-1Gallinule-Common -2Gallinule-purple-1Gnatcather-blue gray-6Grackle-Boat Tailed-8Grackle-Common-4Grebe-Pied Billed-6Gull-Ring Billed- 1Hawk-Northern Harrier-1Hawk-Red Shouldered-6Hawk-Sparrow- 2Hawk-Swainson’s-1Heron-Great Blue-11Heron-Green-7Heron-Little Blue- 10Heron-Little Blue Morph- 2Heron-Tricolored -7Ibis-Glossy -1Ibis-White- 5Kestrel-American-1Killdeer-4Kingfisher-Belted-8Limpkin-1Meadowlark-Eastern-4Merlin- 1Mockingbird-Northern- 9Osprey-3Phoebe-Eastern- 6Sandhill Crane-4Shrike-Loggerhead- 4Sparrow-Swamp- 1Swallow-Tree 2Vireo-Blue-headed 1Vulture-Black-2Vulture-Turkey -7Warbler-Palm-10Warbler-Pine-7Warbler-Prairie-1Warbler-Yellow Rumped-8Warbler-Yellow Throated-  1Waxwing-Cedar-1Woodpecker-Downy-3Woodpecker-Pileated-1Woodpecker-Red Bellied -8Woodpecker-Red Cockaded-2Woodpecker-Red Headed-1Woodstork- 1Wren-Carolina  1Wren-House-1Yellowlegs-Greater- 1Yellowthroat-Common-2

Thanks to those joining in and we hope more will join in as time goes on.

Ron and Char Robinson

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