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Peace River Audubon BIRDATHON

Join a fun way to spend some time with your birding friends April 5-7 2024.
​ A birdathon by definition is an opportunity to go birding with a purpose, raising funds, observing and identifying wild birds in their natural habitat and
boasting how many birds sighted in a friendly competition!

This year's Bird to Boast Contest can be combined with the Giving Challenge on April 9 & 10th
So to match your donation amount between $25-$100 send your donation to
The Giving and look for the Peace River Audubon account









            Important: Deadline is noon April 10th for matching funds

Bird to Boast Birdathon

Open to everyone!  PRAS members, non-members, birders of all skill levels and ages and supporters are invited to participate.

How to Participate:

  • Assemble a team of 2-6 people who will commit to go birding on the same day during the Birdathon weekend. Give the team a cool name and go birding during the Birdathon weekend, April 5-7, 2024.  If you’re new to the Charlotte County or new to birding, we’ll assign you to a team so you can participate. Email your team name and participants to 

  • Encourage others to join the fun.  More teams are more fun!

  • Pick a day: Friday, Saturday or Sunday and count as many species as you or your team can by sight or sound. 

  • Before the big day, find sponsors for the fundraising part. Inform them about the matching fund opportunity. Encourage family and friends to make a donation!  Inform them about the donation options: 1. For matching funds donate a fixed amount between $25 and $100 in support our Audubon Chapter by noon April 10th to the account of Peace River Audubon or 2. Donate at this website in amount of your choice for each species found (you can also write a check and mail it to Sandy Artman, Treasurer c/o PRAS, PO Box 510760, Punta Gorda, FL 33951-0760.)


Cathy Olson organized 3 categories:

1. Team Birdathon
2. Photography Birdathon
3. Single Birdathon location (feeder, yard, park)

You may simultaneously participate in all 3 (the traditional and/or photography and/or single location Birdathon sections). All identifications and “identifiable” photos are on your honor. We assume you will be honest and not inflate your numbers. While there is a bit of competition in this event, it should mostly be fun. Many people enjoy competing against themselves by comparing their totals from year to year.

Team Birdathon

Most birds are out in the day, but there are some night, dawn, and dusk species. You may want to try to     find like Owls and Nightjars. At least 2 team members must see or hear each bird and the group may not        separate.

Photography Birdathon 

How many species can you photograph in Charlotte County during the 3 days? This is a solo competition not teams; however, you can participate simultaneously while also doing the team or single location Birdathon. Photos don’t have to be good, just identifiable; however, there will  be 2 winners: (i) most species within 24 hours; (ii) most species during the 3 days and  (iii) top 2 photos of the 3 days (each photographer may submit 2 photos in JPG format without enhancement; although, cropping and lighting adjustments are ok).

Single Location (Feeder, yard or park) 

How many species can you see or hear for a single day in one location? If you don’t feel like running all over the county and want to count birds in your yard or favorite park, this is your chance! Single or team event.

What do I do at the end of the day?

Email with the list of birds you saw or photographed and the amount of funding you raised (if it is known). If you participate in the Photo Birdathon, email your 2 photos.

Winners will be recognized at meetings, at this website and on Facebook!

Winners in each category will be selected based on (A) number of species seen and (B) funding raised. Winners and top photos will be announced on Facebook and this website. There are no prizes, just the satisfaction that you are helping PRAS raise funds and having a lot of fun in the process.

Want to participate in the fundraising but not compete?

Send Cathy an email and she will tell you the teams who are competing. You can select a team and decide how much you would like to contribute.


Cathy Olsen, Birdathon Coordinator

(941) 740-3629


Where Does the Money Raised Go?

Here is your opportunity to enjoy the excitement of participating in a Birdathon and make a difference by supporting worthy causes. Understanding through education is the key to developing a love and life-long appreciation of our valuable natural resources. You can help our young people gain that appreciation.

On this website you can choose between 4 funds:

PRAS College Scholarship Fund 

Endangered Bird Fund

Audubon Pennington Park Fund

Ron Mills Youth Camp Scholarship Fund

or send a check for the PRAS General Fund (see photo below) to Sandy Artman, Treasurer c/o PRAS, PO Box 510760, Punta Gorda, FL 33951-0760.

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