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Backpack Program, PRAS  Walks & Checklist

Please join us for some fun birding. All level birders are welcome.

To print the FL SW Bird Checklist, go to the bottom of this page.

PRAS Library Bird Backpack Loan Program

Did you know that you can check out a backpack with binoculars and field guides to go birding from 3 libraries in Charlotte County?


     It is an exciting way for a family outing which provides you with a chance to learn about local resident and migrating birds.  You will be joining the 45 million other birders who currently enjoy this fast growing nature hobby.

Each backpack contains: 

  • Adult binoculars

  • Children’s binoculars

  • Florida Birds Pocket Guide

  • Children's Bird Watch Book

  • Charlotte County Park Guide

  • Journal

  • Peace River Brochure with lists for free guided birding walkabouts (open to the public) that you might want to join. 


Locations: Punta Gorda 401 Shreve Street

                 Englewood 3450 N. Access Road

                 Port Charlotte 2280 Aaron Street

Southwest Florida has some of the best birding destinations in the country. PRAS walks explore many of these great places and offer an opportunity to learn, share your knowledge and enthusiasm, and have fun with your neighbors who share your interests.

We host two types of walking trips (“Walk-Abouts” and “Field Trips”). Walk-abouts are often led by a PRAS volunteer and are usually a more local and lower impact morning walk than field trip. Field trips tend to be more of a nature adventure, and are often at greater travel distances from our ‘home’ area. People from all levels and abilities are encouraged to participate.


These easy walks last about two hours and are usually close to home. They are usually on the first Tuesday of the month and typically start at 8:00 a.m.

Field Trips

These usually take place on the Saturday after the Thursday programs and are typically half day to full day trips to regional birding hot spots. We recommend bringing bag lunches along.

Southwest Florida Birding Checklist

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