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Barbara Taylor led a fun walkabout at Ponce De Leon Park on the boardwalk to the mangroves. Red, Red, pointy head; Black, Black salty back; White, White holds on tight!

Red have long green bean like propagules & prop roots, Black have pneumatophores, White have white flowers and green pea propagules and 2 glands where leaves start at stems. We toured the Peace RIver Wildlife Center and met Cruiser Kestrel, Jillybean Opossum and Orion Barred Owl.

2024 May Conservation Report
Download PDF • 18.24MB

Contents: New Conservation acres & springs, Mosaic Fire, Neo Trop passes House etc

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Earth Day Festival Photos in News blog. Last live meeting of the season will be May 16

2024 May Newsletter
Download PDF • 4.36MB

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