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Conservation Leadership Initiative
Audubon Florida’s Mentoring Program

     Audubon developed a mentoring program for college students called Conservation Leadership Initiative (CLI). In 2010 Florida Audubon the program matched young conservation and environmental students with experienced Audubon leaders for a day at Assembly. For a few years, the program was expanded to a three day event at the annual Assembly. In 2019, Audubon changed its (CLI) from a three day program to a full year training fellowship for Florida students. CLI brings together 25 college participants who demonstrate great potential as environmental leaders, pairing each with a mentor and providing events and workshops to showcase conservation careers.

     Bren Curtis of Peace River Audubon mentored Hannah Kenzie in 2018, Allison Ryun in 2019, Edwin Wilke in 2020 and currently she is mentoring Madison Gonzalez (Maddie).  Maddie is a Marine Science major with a minor in Climate Change.  She hopes to work in environmental law and conservation perhaps at the US Army Corp of Engineers.  Bren FaceTimed with her for the November 16 member meeting where she listened to Jason Thompson speak about the endangered Florida Scrub Jay and Charlotte County's Habitat Conservation Plan and Mitigation.

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