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Elections for Officers and Board Directors

Dear PRAS members, it’s that time of the year to elect the Officers and Board Directors for the upcoming year. This is usually done at our Annual Meeting in May. Due to Covid restrictions, this will need to be done virtually by the process of ‘unanimous consent’. The attached list represents our current slate of Officers and Board Directors. If there are any additional nominations, we need to hear back within 14 days of publication or promulgation. If none are received within that time period, the slate will be considered elected by ‘unanimous consent’. Thank you for your consideration.

Mike Krzyzkowski Nominating Committee Chair


Co-President – Mike Krzyzkowski / Brenda Curtis Treasurer – Sandy Artman *** Secretary – Vikki Carpenter ***


Michelle Kloese *** Cindy Macri Rob Mills *** Phyllis Cady Sandra Kaiser Kerry Bowers Pete Quasius Sue French Nancy Leipold

* Officers serve for 1 year ** Directors serve for 2 years *** Need re-election as a Director/ finished year 2 of term


Finance – Brenda Curtis/ Ron Robinson/ Sandy Artman Conservation – Brenda Curtis/ Pete Quasius Education – Michelle Kloese Pennington Park – Cindy Macri Field Trips – Rob Mills Banquet – to be decided Birdathon – Cathy Olson? CHEC Blind – Mike Krzyzkowski CHNEP – Bob Winter Xmas Bird Count – Tony Licata CHEC representative – Kerry Bowers Electronic Communication – Sandra Kaiser/ Phyllis Cady/ Kalinda Johnson Hospitality – Sue Galvin Membership – Phyllis Cady Programs – Mike Krzyzkowski Publicity – Sandra Kaiser/ Phyllis Cady Scholarship – Gregg Klowden

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