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PRAS FEBRUARY VIRTUAL PROGRAM- 2/23/21-“Ornithology and Audubon Florida”

Hello everyone, this year we are most fortunate to be able to partner with the Venice Audubon Society in their monthly programs which are being held virtually due to the pandemic. The next meeting will be held on 2/23/21, with ‘Ornithology and Audubon Florida’, By Dr. Paul Grey. It’s a discussion about the history 0f ornithology in Florida, how our knowledge of Florida birds grew over time, and finally how it helped spawn the Audubon societies. How Audubon led to large scale restoration projects such as the Kissimmee River and Everglades restoration.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM with Venice Audubon hosting. The speaker will go on at about 6:45 PM. Anyone with interesting bird sightings is free to enter via the chat icon.

The meeting invite is:
 Meeting ID: 919 7579 6857 Passcode: VAAS

I believe the meeting invite, meeting ID, and passcode will remain the same for the duration of the fiscal year, so you may wish to save this data. We will email another notice again shortly before the meeting date and throughout the year.

Thanks so much, Mike Krzyzkowski Program Chair, PRAS

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