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You asked, we delivered!

When we launched our new website last March, many of you contacted us to ask where all the individual trail site pages from our old website had gone. Well, they’re back! Over the last 3 months, we have been busy creating 510 webpages, one for each individual trail site. Each site has a short description, the site address (with google maps link), contact number and hours of operation, a link to our trip planning tool, and a link to the site’s eBird checklist. We hope this new feature will help you to plan your next birding and wildlife adventure. We also need your help! Finding 510 pictures for the trail site pages was quite a challenge and many of the ones we have are outdated. If you have a really great picture from one or more of our trail sites we would love to use them. Please email Andy Wraithmell at for details on how you can donate your pictures for our website. Thanks!

 To access our new trail site pages use the link below

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