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Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management Area Trip Report

Saturday 23 March 2019

On a beautiful morning, 14 birders gathered near a Red-Cockaded Woodpecker nesting cluster in the Babcock-Webb pine flatwoods. As the sun arose the RCWP left their nesting holes and started feeding in the area. Some birders heard Bachman’s Sparrows and soon we spotted a BASP singing his heart out. Bluebirds, Pine Warblers and Brown-Headed Nuthatches began flying and feeding about to our enjoyment. A couple deer walked across the road with a tiny fawn. As we drove around the preserve we saw Meadow Larks, Eastern Towhees and Great Crested Flycatchers. The Brown Thrashers were singing from the top of the trees. Black-crowned Night Herons, Common Yellow Throated Warblers and Barn Swallows were seen around the wet areas. It was another enjoyable day in the Babcock-Webb flatwoods.

Dave Lancaster

Enjoy some photos taken by Eleanor and Bill Marr (via Facebook)

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