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Birding Report – September 21-September 28 Bayshore Self Directed Birding Activity

Twelve participants enjoyed our first self-directed birding activity overlooking Charlotte Harbor. Some came alone, while others birded with friends or spouses. Birding was pretty good at Bayshore Live Oak Park.

Almost everyone reported that they saw the spotted sandpiper, and there were several birds seen by only one participant. Overall, 39 species were seen.

Thanks to everyone who participated. As our warm summer days fade, we hope to see more feathered friends as they return to our area.

Please share any suggestions for next month’s self-directed birding activity.

Ron and Char Robinson

Here are the birds we saw and the number of reports that included them.

bluejay-5 cardinal-Northern-2 cormorant-double-crested-2 crow-fish-2 dove-eurasian-3 dove-mourning-6 duck-black bellied whistling-1 duck-mottled-8 eagle-bald-1 egret-great-1 egret-snowy-6 gnatcatcher-blue gray-2 grackle-boat tailed-4 grackle-common-2 gull-laughing-4 gull-ring-billed-1 heron-black crowned Night-1 heron-great blue-3 heron-immature little blue-2 heron-little blue-4 heron-yellow crowned night-2 ibis-white-5 kingfisher-belted-3 mockingbird-northern-7 osprey-2 pelican-brown-1 pigeon-1 plover-semipalmated-4 sandpiper-spotted-7 shoveler-northern-1 sparrow-house-3 starling-2 swallow-tree-1 tern-forster’s-1 tern-royal-2 tern-sandwich-1 woodpecker-downy -1 woodpecker-pileated-1 woodpecker-red bellied 6

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