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December  2015 Photo Contest – Something New Has Been Added

This year’s photo competition, held at the December potluck meeting, will

feature a new category.  To encourage new photographers to enter, there

will be two separate competitions.

Those folks who have had a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winner in previous

competitions will compete in Contest A.  All others can choose to compete

in Contest B.  Each contest will be displayed separately.  Attendees will

receive two color-coded ballots, one for each contest.  This will double the

number of winners!   If you have hesitated to enter in the past, now is the

chance to show off your work!  The contest is three months away, so you

have plenty of time to take a remarkable photo and join the fun.

Contest rules will remain as they have in the past:

Entry fee: $5 for one print or $10 for 3 prints. Unlimited entries.

8×10 color prints or black and white prints., and without mats

Subject of your choice

Photo enhancements are allowed

No signatures or identification on the front of the print, but sign (gently) on

the back. Each picture will be given an identification number from a

master list.

The pictures will be displayed on black foamboard (provided) for judging

Attendees of the December PRAS meeting will be the judges

Winners will be announced at our annual spring banquet in March 2016.

Keep a digital copy of each of your entries so that we can display the

winners on screen at the banquet.   You should also “name” each picture for your records.

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