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Need Volunteers for Christmas Bird Count

We could use some help getting Babcock Ranch bird count started.

Still looking for leader for Eco-tour trail and  several mile road into the tour HG past the FPL solar farm.  Good run if there is water in the ditch along the road..  Logical to do after swamp bus tour.

Same deal.  We get a reasonable turn out for the bus tour, next year they do something special and help promote.

Working on getting permission to take back road l  from tour HQ to ranch HG along telegraph swamp and then back to 31. – about 10 miles.

FYI – whole new menu/chef for the “restaurant”.

Come visit Babcock Ranch’s Gator Shack Restaurant for some great food!

Next  year maybe we can get permission to count in the farm, Audubon is working on planting program with FLP for their arrays.

Whole new trail system should be open along Curry canal by count time next year and hopefully access on non-hunting day in the public hunting grounds.

Happy Holidays

Pete Quasius 239-465-1556

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