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October’s Meeting will feature Dr. Robin Jenkins from PRWC

October 15 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

A 1996 graduate of the University Of Florida College Of Veterinary Medicine, Robin Jenkins has spent most of her professional career in service to non-profits.  She has worked with animal shelters trying to improve the health and adoption rates of homeless cat and dogs.  She volunteered with Peace River Wildlife Center beginning in 2004, in every capacity from cage cleaner to gift shop clerk to surgeon.  Dr. Robin has been the Executive Director of PRWC since 2014.  Releasing healthy animals back out into the wild is her favorite activity, but she also enjoys working with the resident non-releasable birds as an education ambassador.

Dr. Robin has made a special request for this presentation. She asks that attendees bring to the meeting, much needed supplies for the PRWC residents. Below, please find a short list of items needed and a long list. Not many of us have a ferret hammock in stock at home but many of the other items are readily found in our pantries and refrigerators.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could send Robin home with her car filled with these much needed items?

Short wish list:

Gallon size baggies with zipper

Paper towels

Large exam gloves

55gal 3mil trash bags

13 gal kitchen trash bags


Peace River Wildlife Center Wish List

*55 Gal. 3mil black Contractor Bags

Aluminum Cans

AnimaLuvrs Gift Certificates

Jarred Baby Food

Cable Ties / Zip Ties

Dawn Dish Detergent

Kitchen Cleaning Gloves – all sizes

Ferret Hammocks

Finch Seed (with millet, no thistle)

(no sunflower seeds)

Fresh Carrots (whole or baby)

Fresh Eggs

Fresh Fruit (Grapes, Berries, Melons)

Fresh Greens (Romaine, Spring Mix, Kale)

Gift Cards-Gasoline, Home Depot, Publix

Hamster Wheels (large/medium)

Hanging Parrot Toys

Heavy Duty Spray Bottles

Hose Nozzles

Ink Cartridges-Black 60XL & 951XL

Lysol Wipes

Mom & Pop Pet Shop gift certificates

Pedialyte – Unflavored if possible

Peanuts-in shell, unsalted

Pool Phosphorus Remover

Postage Stamps (1st class)

UVA/UVB light bulbs

Walnuts – Shelled, Unsalted

PRWC is also a donor recipient of

Shop at and donate to PRWC.

*Indicates dire need

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