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Description: Oyster Creek Regional Park has over 420 acres of land, and is adjacent to Cedar Point Environmental Park (located to the west across Placida Road/SR 775). Approximately 50 acres of Oyster Creek Regional Park are active land comprised of athletic facilities; the remainder is a sanctuary of old growth pines, scrub habitat and mature pine flatwoods with mangrove fringe along Oyster Creek.  Walking trails include scrub and flatwoods areas as well as an observation platform and a boardwalk crossing the Oyster Creek mangrove area.

Vegetation Communities: Mangrove forest, salt marsh, pine flatlands, oak scrub.

Location: The main entrance is at 6791 San Casa Drive, Englewood. Hiking trails, the kayak launch and the observation platform/boardwalk can be accessed from Placida Road/SR 775. There is a paved parking area south of the Lemon Bay High School athletic fields.

The park may also be accessed from Cedar Point Environmental Park.

Amenities: Walking trails, observation platform on Oyster Creek. Rest rooms, picnic areas, and playground areas are near the San Casa Drive entrance.

Birding by Kayak: Oyster Creek has great birding by kayak opportunities. Lots of shallow water for wading birds as well as excellent woodland areas. Use the launch area on Oyster Creek which is south of the Lemon Bay High School athletic fields, off of Placida Road. From the launch, Oyster Creek is to the east and Cedar Point Environmental Park and Lemon Bay are to the west

Animal Species:  You may not be able to see all these species

Birds that you may encounter year-round include: Red bellied WoodpeckerLittle blue heron Great Blue Heron Pine Warbler Bobwhite Quail Killdeer Mockingbird Snowy Egret Cardinal Great Egret Mourning Dove Blue Jay Pileated Woodpecker Great Horned Owl Osprey


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