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Description: St. Paul Linear Park is located in the South Gulf Cove community on Cape Haze. It consists of a walking trail along the Interceptor Lagoon, which flows to the Butterford Waterway and then the Myakka River. The park is basically scrub and mangrove with excellent salt marsh views.

Vegetation Communities: Mangrove forest, salt marsh.

Location: The park is at 9000 St. Paul Drive, Port Charlotte. Take Gasparilla Road (SR 771) to San Domingo Blvd. Turn left onto Calumet Blvd — the park is at the end of Calumet.

Amenities: Walking trail and benches. Immediate access to birding areas with level walkways. At sunrise and sunset, you can observe birds returning to their roosting areas in the salt marsh.

Birding by Kayak: Interceptor Lagoon has great birding by kayak opportunities. Lots of shallow water for wading birds and ducks as well as pine woodland areas. Launch anywhere along St. Paul Drive.

Animal Species:  You may not be able to see all these species

Birds that you may encounter year-round include: Red bellied Woodpecker Little Blue Heron Great Blue Heron Blue Jay Snowy Egret Mockingbird Cardinal Great Egret Mourning Dove Pileated Woodpecker Great Horned Owl Osprey Roseate Spoonbill Common Nighthawk Loggerhead Shrike Belted Kingfisher Green Heron Red Shouldered Hawk Red-winged Blackbird Sharp-shinned Hawk White Ibis Black Vulture Turkey Vulture American Robin Tree Swallow Wood Duck

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