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Peace River Audubon’s Online Photo Contest
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Nov 10 - Dec 10

2024 Photo Contest

This is your chance to show off your Florida photography! Amateur photographers of any age are invited to participate. There will be 4 award categories: birds, other wildlife, insects or natural flora including scenery. Submit your photos between November 10 and December 10 online at the new website (please consider the appropriateness to Audubon’s Conservation Mission and remember to be respectful to wildlife when photographing (see rules for more information). Entry Fee and Award Overall Best Prize will be $100. Each category will be awarded $50. PRAS members may participate with a $10 fee for three photos. Otherwise the $25.00 per person fee includes three photo entries and a one year membership to Peace River Audubon Society.


 Entry for the photo contest will be online at our new website where you can upload photos and pay with PayPal. If you prefer, you may submit your photos by Dropbox or email them to and mail a check to PRAS at PO Box 510760, Punta Gorda, FL 33951-0760. See the rules on our new website.


Nov 10 - Dec 10 Photo Contest Rules Thank you so much for your interest in participating our photo contest. Please note that when submitting a photo to the contest, you are allowing Peace River Audubon Society the right to use this photo in future social media posts - credit to the photographer will always be given! Please note the following rules to enter:

1) You may submit up to 3 photos

2) Photos must be taken at any location in Florida.

3) Photos must be submitted by uploading on our new website or by emailing them to Please include your name, mailing address as well as your email address; but, do not put anything identifying yourself on the photo or in the file name).

4) Each image must be in .jpg format with a maximum file size of 6 MB per image

5) Please submit without framing - No green screen nor advanced technical enhancements except cropping. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your submissions! Here are some easy to remember tips:

 Learn the rules of your area and always respect posted signs like “Stay on trails” in marked areas.

• Give wildlife space, approach at an angle. If a bird looks agitated, take a few large steps back and use a zoom lens.

• Prepare for the environment and weather conditions that you will be working in.

Talk to rangers or staff, read books on local species you might see before you head out.

• Study the behavior of the wildlife before venturing out. Silence and patience can be rewarding.

• Be a role model to other photographers and if necessary, report bad behavior to wildlife authorities.


Florida Photography Ethics


Audubon’s Guide to Ethical Bird Photography and Videography

Please show a sincere respect for birds and the places they need to thrive. This must come before getting that perfect photo or footage. Learn how to capture bird photos and videos responsibly.

• Avoid causing unnecessary disturbance or stress to birds.

• Nesting birds are particularly vulnerable and need extra consideration.

• Beach-nesting birds (shorebirds and seabirds) require special care.

• Luring birds closer for photography/videography is often possible but should be done in a responsible way.

• Show respect for private and public property, and consideration for other people.

For more information and details, go to

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