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April Field Trip – April 18, Fort DeSoto

Please join Peace River Audubon for a field trip to Fort DeSoto in the St. Petersburg area. This is the time of the year that Ft. DeSoto can be a migrant trap, and if we are lucky there will be great birds to see. If time permits, we will also be looking for shore birds, many of whom will be in breeding plumage. We will meet at our North meeting place, Peachland Mall behind McDonalds, by 7 AM. We want to leave promptly to arrive before the long lines form. Bring lunch, plenty to drink, hats, sunscreen, and beach shoes in case we have time to do the beaches. The trip will officially end at lunch, around 1 pm, but some of us will stay later. There is a Sunshine Bridge toll of $1.25 (both ways), two one-way tolls, Pinellas Bayway toll of $0.75 and a $0.50 toll just before Fort DeSoto, and $5 entrance fee for the park. For further information, contact Eleanor Marr at 941-624-4182.

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