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Babcock Webb Self-Directed Birding Trip – January 18-24

Hello Everyone,

Our self-directed birding location for January 2021 is Babcock-Webb. Birding dates are Monday, January 18 through Sunday, January 24.

This huge area, south of Punta Gorda, is easily accessible from Rt. 41, via Tucker’s Grade Rd., or from I-75 at the Tucker’s Grade exit.

You have two choices to make when you arrive. You can continue straight, visit with the attendant, and continue on after that. Some roads are paved and those that are not are well maintained. There are many turns you can make and there are signs that reflect where the roads go. We found many warblers along the road as we left the attendant. There is also a small lake on the right just after the attendant that has produced some birds for us.

Be aware that this area allows hunting. The dates we chose seem to avoid the small game season, but there still may be some hunting allowed until the end of the month. There is also a firing range to your left if you are traveling straight after the attendant that might produce some noise.

The bulletin board at the entrance outlines what hunting will be ongoing. You can also check with the attendant at the gate for recommendations before continuing on Tucker’s Grade. There is no hunting on or near Webb Lake Road, a right turn before the entrance gate. There are plenty of opportunities for viewing songbirds, waders, and raptors from this lengthy road. We counted 30 species last weekend.


We look forward to receiving your reports by Thursday, January 28.

A new year, and new hopes for the future.

Happy birding,

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