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CALL FOR PHOTOS for Christmas Bird Count Show

We are always looking for new photos for the Christmas Bird Count presentation.  This year’s presentation will be on January 19.  Updating the show is a lot of work, so sending the pictures in a timely fashion will help get yours chosen.  We also try to pick the first picture submitted if we get more than one of the same species.   Here is a list of  21 species we’d like to replace this year.  We are looking for birds as we see them in the winter and preferably in the wild. Do you have a great photo of one of these that you would share?  In the show,  your name will appear on the photograph (don’t do this yourself). This list will be modified  to remove those birds for whom we have had a photo submitted.

American Woodcock – new this year!

Muscovy Duck

Reddish Egret

Little Blue Heron

Dunlin – winter plumage

Lesser Yellowlegs

Black-bellied Plover winter plumage

Belted Kingfisher

Rock Pigeon

Tree Swallow

Eastern Towhee

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Palm Warbler

Indigo Bunting – winter plumage

Brown Thrasher

Northern Mockingbird

Eastern Bluebird

Forster’s Tern winter plumage

Brown-headed Cowbird male

E-mail your candidates to by January 13.

The digital picture should have a 4 wide x 3 high ratio and be reduced to something like 1600 x 1200 pixels for easy e-mailing.

Thanks in advance!

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