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Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park – Field Trip Report

Our field trip was held on a very foggy morning, but attendance was good despite the fog. We saw 23 species as we walked along the trail around the marsh. One highlight was spotting an American Kestrel in the distance, but luckily we had some photographers present to help us with the identification. Although the water level was high this time of year, we did see some waterbirds like the Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Green Heron, and White Ibis. It seemed like Gray Catbirds were everywhere! We saw several species of warblers; the Pine, Palm, Yellow-rumped, and even the Common Yellowthroat. It always is fun to see our PRAS members and meet new birders too. As the bridge on the trail has not been replaced yet we had to make this an “in and out” hike instead of a loop trail…but that left us more time for networking and socializing. Along the way we glimpsed a Ribbon Snake and an alligator. One BIG advantage of a foggy morning hike is that as the sun came out bit by bit…we saw the marsh turn a beautiful cinnamon color and all the wildflowers and berries showed a myriad of colors….

Phyllis Cady and Shannon McGinnis – Trip Leaders

Some photos from the trip are available on Facebook:

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