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Christmas Bird Count Sat Dec 14, 2019 – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

PRAS needs your help with this year’s December 14th Christmas Bird Count in Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda.

It does not matter what level of birder you are, you will be with a group of about four other birders.  If you can only do it part of the day that is fine too.  If you want you can do a feeder watch in your own yard.  If you have friends who might be interested, they would be helpful as well.

If you can help, please let Tony know and he will pass your name over to the individual heading up one of the areas that needs people.

Contact: Tony Licata 1500 San Marino Ct. Punta Gorda 33950 941-505-9775 email

Peace River Audubon’s 2019 Christmas Bird Count will be on Saturday December 14th and encompasses a fifteen mile diameter circle, the center point being approximately downtown Punta Gorda. The circle is divided into about 12 areas, the furthest south areas being Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC) and Cecil B Webb preserve. There are three water areas: the southern part of Charlotte Harbor including the area around Alligator Creek; the northern part of the Harbor; and the Peace River from the US 41 bridge. Each area is headed up by an individual who determines where their group goes in their particular area, where and when they meet. In some cases they break up into smaller groups covering particular areas, such as a golf course. Most groups start about 7 am and go until about noon. Some go out again later in the afternoon to count birds coming in for the evening.  The more people we have out counting the more accurate our survey of the birds in our area will be.

We need volunteers which could be to count the birds at their feeders in their own yard. Also we need people in each group to tally the birds counted.

In 2018 we saw 135 species and over 23,000 birds, and with your help we will be able to surpass those numbers.

Contact: Tony Licata 941-505-9775, email

A breakdown of the areas:

Area 1: Jones Loop Rd and areas east of US 41, including the northwest corner of the Babcock/Webb Wildlife Management Area.

Area 2: CHEC, Burnt Store Rd and areas southwest of US 41.

Area 3: Punta Gorda west of I-75 and north of Alligator Creek.

Area 4: Punta Gorda east of I-75 and north from Jones Loop Rd up to Washington Loop Rd.

Area 5: Peace River and Charlotte Harbor by boat.

Area 6: Port Charlotte east of Kings Highway, south of Rampart Blvd. and west to the Peace River.

Area 7: Deep Creek, east of I-75 and north of Sandhill Blvd. to Desoto County line.

Area 8: Port Charlotte, northeast of US 41, west of Kings Highway and south of Veterans Blvd.

Area 9: Port Charlotte, southwest of US 41, south of Toledo Blade and east of the Como Waterway.

Area 10: Port Charlotte, east of Kings Highway, south of Sandhill Blvd. and north of Rampart Blvd. to the Peace River.

Area 11: Myakka River and Buffer and Aquatic Preserve east to Alligator Bay, by boat.

Area 12: Buffer and Aquatic Preserve (western edge of land and Charlotte Harbor) by boat

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