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Conservation Report – August 2023

PRAS Conservation Report August 2023 Contents: Florida Audubon Quarterly Meeting > Native Knowledge tip - Mycelium Everglades Coalition Conference set Audubon Assembly Conservation Priorities: State, Regional and Chapter Panther Update Florida Coral Reef Update Native Plant Garden - Apply for Awards Conservation tips that everyone can use everyday ‘Cides and Reusable Paper Towel Do you know about miraculous Mycelium? The producers of the Avatar movie knew it well. Mycelium, or mycorrysis, is a fungus that expands the underground creating a network of connection between all plant species, something like the internet, that allows them not only to communicate, but also to take care of themselves, protect themselves & feed themselves. When a tree from the forest is cut down, this mycelium communicates through chemistry to many trees in the forest that one of them is dying. All the other trees throughout the mycelium network begin to care for the remaining trunk to try to save that life. They feed it, water it and protect it because that dying trunk is part of the forest family. My mango tree feel during Hurricane Ian but it has been renourished to sprout again! Everything has a language - the universal language. We learn to reconnect with this non-verbal language, understanding that we are all part of the same thing. We are neither superior nor inferior - We are like children who still have a lot to learn from trees, the forest, ecology, and earth’s climate systems and their feedback triggers!

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