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On Saturday, April 16, 2016, the PRAS   field trip will be to Pinecraft Park in Sarasota.  Pinecraft Park is a small county park located at 1420 Gilbert Avenue, off of Bahia Vista in the Mennonite community near Yoder’s Restaurant (the park has Phillippi Creek on the west).

The park is noted for being a warbler hotspot during migration with 30 species on the park’s checklist. Pileated Woodpeckers, Buntings, Tanagers, and Yellow-billed Cuckoos have also been seen there.  Most years Barred Owls nest there.  Narrow dirt trails wind though the wooded areas.  The park has picnic tables for lunch, and in the Sarasota area there are multiple places to go afterward for more birding, or other activities.

Bring water, insect repellant, comfortable walking shoes, binoculars,  and a picnic lunch.  We will car pool from the North Car Pool Location in the parking lot behind the McDonald’s at 24133 Peachland Blvd, leaving at 7 AM to meet at the Pinecraft Park parking lot at approximately 8 AM.

For more information contact Shannon McGinnis, 941-629-9116.

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