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Flatwoods Summary of June 8th meeting

As a result of pollution and hydrological degradation and alteration to local coastal watersheds, the Charlotte Harbor Flatwoods Initiative (CHFI) was formed to initiate efforts to restore natural drainage across the Gator Slough Watershed with water that has been unnaturally impounded on the Fred C. Babcock–Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Area (Babcock-Webb WMA) and diverted from the Yucca Pens Unit WMA, Caloosahatchee River, and tidal creeks to Charlotte Harbor.

Please find a 6 page overview of the June 8th meeting below, or click through to the CHNEP link to listen to the 2 hour meeting in full.

Additional CHFI information is available on the CHNEP Water Atlas CHFI Webpage: June 8 meeting 2022

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