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General Meeting Report, 2-16-23

What an interesting meeting we had Thursday night with FWC’s Senior Wildlife Assistance Biologist, Jayne Johnson. They get about 14,000 calls a year dealing with nuisance wildlife.  Her topic was “How to Cope with Backyard Wildlife”…and discussed everything from bobcats and coyotes to snakes and bats.  Did you know that they even get calls about nuisance Sandhill Cranes and Red-bellied Woodpeckers?  Jayne’s talk was informative and humorous, and her friendly personality shone through.  We had several new people attend who had joined us when Jayne led the Prairie Shell Creek guided walk and had been impressed with her knowledge then.  The bottom line is don’t do anything that will attract wildlife to your yard and don’t be afraid to scare them away if they become a nuisance. Everyone enjoyed her table set up with hands-on objects and information to take home. It is always good to see our PRAS friends and the refreshments are appreciated.  Thanks to all who donated things to make our 50/50 raffle a success.  Hope to see you again at our next meeting about Florida Panthers on March 16th.

Jayne Johnson, FWC"s Sr. wildlife Assistance Biologist

Jayne Johnson, FWC”s Sr. Wildlife Assistance Biologist

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