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JAN 10 – Guided walk at CHEC’s Cedar Point Park

Join Peace River Audubon for a guided walk on Jan 10th at CHEC’s Cedar Point Park.  The address is 2300 Placida Rd. in Englewood, and we will meet at 8 AM.  Mike Weisensee and Tome  Shaaltrel will lead the walk through 115 acres of pine flatwoods, scrub, wetlands, mangrove swamps and salt marshes (approximately 2 miles). Along the trails are rusty lyonia, pawpaw, gopher apple with scattered slash pine, saw palmetto, various oak tree species and mangroves.  The walk will include a long, narrow estuary situated along Lemon Bay.  Hurricane Ian played havoc with the canopy that used to cover 60% of the park.  179 bird species have been reported by ebird over the years (17 on Christmas Day and 30 species on Dec 18).  If the Nature Center is not being repaired on the 10th, you can visit the newly renovated center to see realistic museum quality native specimens of the park’s inhabitants. Hope you can join us!

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