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Kayaking the Peace River – 3/8/22 Trip Report

What a beautiful day for kayaking…sunny with a refreshing breeze!

This was a combination of folks from Peace River Audubon and from Kayak Eco Tours. We were greeted as we approached the River by a graceful Swallow-tailed Kite that soared over us several times. Our guide, Steve, promised we would be kayaking in a remote area and indeed we were! We even reached a narrow waterway that was only single file…with trees, vines, and ferns on both sides. We surprised several alligators and a racoon. The birds were harder to find as kayaking doesn’t lend itself to bringing good binoculars and cameras. Some squawked and flew before we could round the bend. None the less, everyone had a great time. Afterwards, many did stay for lunch at the Navigator Grill for a delicious lunch and to do some socializing. They agreed that another kayaking trip should be planned for next season.

Here is a list of birds that were seen and heard:

Catbird, Gray Crow, Fish Dove, Mourning Heron, Great Blue Kite, Swallow-tailed Limpkin Mockingbird, Northern Osprey Pelican, Brown Vulture, Black Woodpecker, Red-bellied Wren, Carolina

Kayak Trip

Kayak Trip

Navigator Grill
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