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November Self-Guided Birding Activity Report

PRAS just completed our November Self Guided Birding Activity at Ollie’s Pond in Port Charlotte.  A nice walk around the pond revealed some nice birding views for us.

Here are the stats for the three birding activities thus far.  For those of you that joined in, glad you did, and we’re always open for more to attend.

Month          Location    # Reports     # Participants     # Species Seen   Average Per Report

September   Bayfront              7                   9                        39                         15.1

October        Prairie Creek      8                 14                        78                         40.6

November    Ollie’s Pond        8                  11                       36                         13.1

Listing of birds seen in November at Ollie’s Pond by our group and the number of reports listing each bird species.Anhinga-8Blackbird-Red winged-2Bluejay-5Cardinal-Northern-2Catbird-Gray-3Cormorant-Double Crested-4Crow-fish-2Dove-Mourning-1Duck-Whistling-2Egret-Great-8Gallinule-Common 6Gnatcatcher Blue Gray-4Grackle-Boat Tailed-1Grackle-Common-1Grebe-Pied Billed 2Hawk-Red Shoulder 5Hawk-Red Tailed-1Heron-Great Blue 8Heron-Green-3Heron-Little Blue-6Heron-Tricolor-2Mockingbird-1Osprey-5Phoebe-Eastern-1Swallow Tree-1Vulture-Black-3Vulture-Turkey-2Warbler-Black and White-1Warbler-Palm-3Warbler-Pine-1Warbler-Yellow Rumped-1Warbler-Yellow Throated-1Woodpecker-Downy-2Woodpecker-Pileated-3Woodpecker-Red Bellied-2Woodstork-1Yellowthroat-Common-1

Since the Christmas bird count will occur in December, we’ll wait until January for our next birding activity.  Several locations are being considered and we request some input from you concerning these.  Although you are not committed to any selection you make, we ask for your opinion as to which of these you would consider attending.  Select as many as you might consider.  Also, please add any others that we might consider.

Celery Fields in Sarasota Harns Marsh in Leigh Acres Bunche Beach/Sanibel Island Prairie Creek Repeat


Ron and Char Robinson

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