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PRAS Bird and Butterfly Sanctuaries

Peace River Audubon Society was the first Florida Audubon to have one…….

A program was created to help with the decline of birds, butterflies, and bees (the 3 B’s), while attracting wildlife in 2019.

With this program it provides food, shelter, and water for wildlife throughout our area by the community and individuals requesting to be instrumental in this program using Florida native plants.

Research was conducted gleaning data from willing states such as Portland Oregon Audubon, Illinois Audubon, and Atlanta Audubon in the creation of a sanctuary for birds and butterflies.

The name of the PRAS first, is the Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary Certification Program. Our PRAS Board Member, Rob Mills created the worthwhile program for nature with funding by Florida Power and Light grants, Keep Charlotte Beautiful grant, along with many dedicated volunteers transforming landscapes to wildlife sanctuaries.

Many community landscapes have already been established as yard certified sanctuaries such as:

Elsie Quirk library in Lemon Bay (the first one certified), Charlotte County School Board building, Wintergarden Presbyterian Church, Punta Gorda Boat Club, Audubon Pennington Nature Park, Hickory Bluff Cemetery historic graveyard maintained by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Girl Scouts, East Virginia Street garden in Punta Gorda maintained by the Quality Improvement Day Treatment Program for Disabled Adults, Steve and Olivia Scott home located in Deep Creek, and eight (8) acres of property owner Master Gardener, Jayne Hayes in Shell Creek.

The purpose of the Florida Power and Light is to promote National Audubon’s “Plants For Birds”.  The website Audubon Plants For Birds illustrates a free list of appropriate native plants for your area.  Once on the website indicate your zip code, and plant photos, plant information, what birds are attracted and much more will be available for you to view.

Many community agencies have requested to be certified sanctuaries that are in the beginning stages.

If you would like to participate, kindly go to the Peace River Audubon Society website and click on Yard Certification for more information.

Rob Mills photographed some sanctuaries, for you to view on what our community and individuals can accomplish for the love of helping our wildlife flourish. Thank you, Rob Mills for your dedication to nature and the creation of this program.

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