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Giving Challenge

The Giving Challenge will be over a 24 hour period on April 26 and 27 noon to noon. The Patterson Foundation will match every dollar that we raise for any online donations using debit or credit cards $25 up to $100. There is also prize money too. The first 50 organizations that have 50 donors making contributions will get $500 for their non profit. Also having a Facebook post using #Givingchallenge2022 and that recognizes a donor by name will get $100. All donations must be given during the 24 hour period, not before or after.

The website to donate is: and donations are via credit card or debit card only. No checks and no cash. Amounts between $25 and $100 will be automatically doubled by the foundation. A large donation can be broken down and split by individuals. So for example instead of $200 from one family where $100 is doubled but not the second $100, it is better to split $200 between 2 or more individual donations and all of those will be doubled.

The money will be going to scholarships for summer camp at CHEC, college scholarships for environmental studies, work on the new bird blind, and Audubon Pennington Park, just to name a few of our local projects.

Thanks for participating in the Giving Challenge! Rob Mills – PRAS Board Member

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