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PRAS Meeting Thurs. February 20, 2020 – “Insect Ecology and Behavior” Presentation by Jerry Wa

Peace River Audubon meeting Thurs., Feb. 20, 2020 at First Alliance Church, 20444 Midway Blvd. Port Charlotte

This meeting includes a presentation by Jerry Waters and also the Annual Photo Contest.

All are welcome – snacks at 6:30, meeting at 7 pm

Jerry Waters presents The Amazing World of Insects.

The subject for the presentation on February 20, 2020 is “Insect Ecology and Behavior”. The presentation centers on insect behavior, ecology, adaptations, and natural history.  Examples and illustrations are drawn primarily from dragonflies and damselflies.  Also included are the bees/wasps/ants, flies/mosquitoes, butterflies/moths, and beetles.

Jerry Waters is a retired science teacher from Arcadia.  For most of his career, his teaching responsibilities centered on Chemistry, Honors Chemistry and Dual Enrollment Biology.  He has received numerous recognitions as an educator, including the DeSoto County District Teacher of the Year, the WalMart Teacher of the Year for DeSoto County, and a Florida Distinguished Educator award from the University of Florida.

Jerry has a B.S. in Biology from Clemson University, and a M.S. in zoology from Auburn University.  His primary interests are in the natural history of amphibians, reptiles, and birds, and the conservation / preservation of Florida’s unique and threatened habitats. He is a certified Florida Master Naturalist and Advanced Florida Master Naturalist, and he is a Florida Master Naturalist instructor.  He has been an avid nature photographer for over 40 years.  He currently keeps busy doing nature photography, giving nature talks, and serving as a Florida Master Naturalist presenter.


If you would like to register for the annual banquet please bring check or cash: $38/person. Registration is also available by mail – please see PDF flyer.


Photographers:  Start your engines! It’s time to get ready for our annual Photo Contest which will be conducted at our February 20, 2020 meeting.  As in previous years, this will help support the Youth Environmental Education Fund. This contest is open to members and non-members alike.

This year, three contests will be held.

Contest A  Subject matter will be the birds of Florida. Contest A is open to everyone but is intended primarily for the more experienced photographers.

Contest B  Subject matter will also be the birds of Florida. Contest B is open to everyone except for past winners in Contest A.

Contest C  Subject matter will be any aspect of nature – anywhere in the world. Contest C is open to everyone, regardless of experience.

Contest Rules and Information: 

  1. Please bring your photos to the February 20 meeting between 5:45 p.m. and    6:15 p.m. so that they are ready for voting when the doors open at 6:30 p.m.  Voting should be concluded by 7:00 p.m.

  2. Entry fee: $5 for one print or $10 for 3 prints. Unlimited entries are allowed.

8×10 color or black and white prints. Please, no matting of prints.

  1. Minimal photo enhancements are allowed.

  2. Place no signatures on the front of each print. Instead, please gently sign the back. Each photo will be given an identification number (such as A1, A2, B3, B4, A2, A3) for voting purposes.

  3. Photos will be mounted and displayed on foam boards provided by PRAS.

  4. All attendees at the February 20, 2020 meeting will be invited to vote for their favorite photo in each one of the three contests: A, B, and C.

  5. Photos in this contest will be retained so that the winning photos can be announced and displayed at the March 19 Banquet. Winning photographers will be contacted prior to the banquet. At this time, they will be asked to send digital copies of their photos to Larry Behrens ( so that they can be projected on a screen at the banquet. Awards for the winning photos will be handed out at the banquet. Following the banquet or at the April PRAS meeting, all of the photo contest contestants may pick up their photo prints.

For additional information, please contact Larry Behrens at 941-204-1708.

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