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Saturday ,17 March 2018 Field trip at Babcock-Cecil Webb W M A

We will meet at the park entrance Pay Station at

7:00 AM. Our target birds will be the Red-cockaded

Woodpeckers, who usually leave their roosting nest hole shortly after 7:15

(sunrise), Brown-headed  Nuthatch  and the Bachman Sparrow.

Later we will travel down Webb Lake  looking  for  Snail Kites that have been seen there.

We will be caravanning  the  park  roads making stops along the way to look and view birds and nature. We should be finished by noon.

The park entrance fee is $3.00 per person with a

Maximum  $6.00 charge per vehicle, Florida residence 65 and older are free.

Babcock- Cecil Webb Wildlife Management Area

is located east about a quarter mile from I-75 at Tuckers Grade exit 158 .

For info call Dave Lancaster, phone 586-214-0203. E-mail,

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