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Self-directed Field Trip to Ollie’s Pond November 22-28

November’s self-directed birding activity will be at Ollie’s Pond, from Saturday, November 22 through Friday, November 28. We are happy our weather has turned a little more pleasant for outdoor activities.

Ollie’s Pond is a 41 acre man-made drainage facility managed by Charlotte County. This pond is named in the memory of Ollie Hewitt, one of the PRAS’s best birders and volunteers.

When on your walk , please enjoy the nice surroundings while walking on the unpaved but well groomed path and list the birds you observe. Watch for birds on the pond, in the trees that surround you, and the many birds flying by.

Please submit your results to Ron and Char Robinson by Tuesday, December 1. We will then combine all the lists and report back to everyone on our groups findings.

The good news is that this location is familiar to most of us, and nearby. There is a lot of tall grass in and around the pond that has overgrown in the past year or so, and that may limit sight lines making observations a little more challenging, but there are still many opportunities to view a wide variety of birds here.

Ollie’s Pond is in the midst of a lovely residential area, and is not easily seen from any main roads.

Here are some directions:

From Pellam and Wintergarden: Travel West on Wintergarden, then South on Dando or Sargeant to the pond. Parking lot will be on the right.

From Collingswood and Bly: Travel East on Bly to the pond, then go around the pond to the left to find the parking lot.

Please enjoy this wonderful little piece of our paradise and email us if you have any questions or need further directions. Enjoy.

Ron and Char Robinson

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