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September Membership Drive 2021-2022

The Peace River Audubon Society is starting our membership drive for the 2021-2022 season. For those who support your local organization, your donation is due in September. One accomplishment this year is that we distributed 3,000 activity booklets on plants for birds to schools, camps, science centers, and at festivals. We also designed 4 signs to be placed at Kiwanis Park and Ollie’s Pond regarding ethics while birding and photographing. One upcoming project is to work with the environmental center to purchase a pre-fab building to replace our old bird blind. I hope you will continue to support these local projects and more.

This year we have an online payment option so you can pay with a credit card. Just go to our website at On the homepage click on SUPPORT OUR CAUSE or BECOME A MEMBER. Fill out the form…it’s that easy.

Of course we are still accepting donations by check to our treasurer at:

PRAS PO BOX 510760 Punta Gorda, Florida 33951-0760

Many of you have already chosen the 3 year family membership. This reminder does NOT apply to YOU until your 3 year membership expires. And if you are a Lifetime member…hat’s off to you! If you are not sure if your donation is due, just email Phyllis at, that’s ps_cady. Here are your membership options.

____Annual Family Membership @ $20

____3 Year Family Membership @ $50

____Lifetime Family Membership @ $250

We hope you will continue to support our local efforts in environmental education, conservation, and birding.

Thank You,

Peace River Audubon

Phyllis Cady – Membership

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