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Walkabout: Ollie’s Pond – January 1, 2020

Peace River Audubon Society’s annual New Year’s Day walkabout at Ollie’s Pond is on Wednesday 1st of January 2020 and will start 8:00 AM.

Ollie’s Pond is a great spot for birding and walking. The Black-bellied Whistling Duck and the elusive Purple Gallinule are special birds to be seen there. Usually some interesting waders and ducks are around. The palm, yellow rump and pine warblers with other song birds hang out in the trees. It is always fun to look for an unexpected feathery visitor. Last year the Great-horned owls nested there and the Great Blue Herons nested high on the Slash Pines.

The leisurely path around the pond is about a mile.

The parking lot for the park is at the corner of Avon and Gobron , near the corner of Edgewater and Collingwood. 18235 Avon Ave. Port Charlotte, Fl. 33948

All welcome.

 For information call Dave Lancaster at 586-214-4546

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