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Description: Encompassing 492 acres, this area provides habitat for many of the varieties of Southwest Florida’s mammals, birds, and reptiles. Within the boundaries are remnants of a shell pit.

Vegetation Communities: Pine Flatwoods, Flag ponds.

Location: South of Punta Gorda, this environmental park is approximately five miles south of the Burnt Store Road intersection on U.S. Highway 41 on the west or right side of the highway.   A county sign designates the park.

Amenities: At this time, the new park has no improvements.   A parking area and walking trails are planned.

Animal Species:  You may not be able to see all these species

Birds that you may encounter year-round include: Anhinga Double Crested Cormorant Little Blue Heron Bachman’s Sparrow Downy Woodpecker Mourning Dove Bald Eagle Eastern Towhee Northern Cardinal Black Vulture European Starling Northern Mockingbird Blue Jay Fish Crow Pine Warbler Carolina Wren Glossy Ibis Red Winged Blackbird Cattle Egret Great Blue Heron Red-Bellied Woodpecker Common Grackle Great Crested Flycatcher Snowy Egret Boat Tailed Grackle Great Egret Tri-Colored Heron Common Ground Dove Green Heron White Ibis Common Nighthawk House Wren White-Eyed Vireo Common Yellow Throat Killdeer Yellow Warbler

Documented Mammals: Grey Squirrels RaccoonsWild Hogs Otters

Documented Herps: Gopher Tortoises Pygmy Rattlesnakes

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